The Simple 4-Step Strategy Business Owners Use to Grow Their Teams, Get Out of the Driver's Seat and Exponentially Scale Their Company... 

(...all without losing control or burning out)


In This Session You'll Discover...

  • ​A step-by-step action plan to create highly accountable, multi-million dollar teams while getting out of the weeds and only focusing on being the CEO.

  • Why not being able to articulate your vision at the right level and with absolute clarity could cost you dearly in lost revenue, opportunity and momentum AND how it will become the biggest source of never ending stress, frustration and burnout if not nipped in the bud ASAP.

  • How to determine what decisions should be made by you, the CEO, and which ones to hand off to your team. Not getting this right keeps you from being a respected, effective, confident leader.
  • How our clients have doubled and tripled their revenue in months while working less, and the simple system that made this calculable and scalable.

  • The secret to getting your team to deliver next-level results without needing to be micromanaged... and how you can stay in your zone of genius, rather than getting sucked into the problem of the day. 

  • AND... how to do all this while increasing your freedom, impact AND legacy, even if that sounds totally counterintuitive right now.

Simone Janssen

I’ve helped hundreds of growth-minded leaders build the right systems and teams, helping them scale quickly, getting out of their own way while avoiding burnout. 
Bulletproof Startups and The Legacy Code has been responsible for transforming the performance of 500+ teams, of all sizes, increasing company bottom lines by millions.

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